Enviado por Miss Theresa Wilken – Directora de secundaria.

The officer in charge of our visit met us and took us into the control center area where they first showed us a video with the Federal police anthem and then gave us a presentation about electronic crimes and cyberbullying.  Talking to our students about the danger of putting too much personal information on social networks.  Afterwards they took us outside where we met 2 of their drug/bomb and money sniffing dogs and they explained how the dogs are trained and we saw them in action.  The students got to ask questions and pet the dogs.  More than a few wanted to bring one home!  Then we went to a rappel center where an officer explained to us (while others gave a visual demonstration) the techniques they use to rappel. And they simulated how they would use rappel to save a kidnapped hostage.  Afterwards we went to another section and we learned about the history of why armies and armed units have trained owls. The students got to take turns putting on the glove and having the eagle land on their hand.  Afterwards while walking to the dining area we got to watch the “banda de guerra” practice marching and playing the national anthem.  The students had lunch and the officers showed them the motorcycles.  Finally we got back on the bus and took a bus tour of the helicopter area and came back to Cuernavaca.

One thought on “Federal Police visit

  1. Que gran experiencia entrar en las instalaciones de la PFP y saber todo lo que hacen por nosotros.


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