Interview by Enrique Pedroza – student from 7th grade of High School.




“When everything seems to be against you, remember that planes take off

with the air against, not in favor”


Carlos Ruiz is an airline pilot, he is 29 years old and works on Aeromexico airline at the airport in Mexico City. He studied aviation career in Phoenix Arizona and he began to fly at 18 years old.

   – Hello Carlos, I want to interview you about your work.

   – O.K. I’m ready to answer.

Q.- When was the first time you wanted to be a pilot?

A.- Since I was a kid I said to my family that I wanted to be an airplane pilot when I grew up.

Q.- When did you realize you wanted to be a pilot?

A.- My grandparents told stories when I was still a baby while they couldn’t take their eyes off the planes, and my toys were always planes.


Q.- Which is the hardest thing about your job?

A.- I think that being so long away from home is the hardest of all but gradually you get used to it and the other is when we fly by night.


Q.- What do you do to be the best pilot?

A.- To be better than others I focus very much on my work and always try to include more of what I can, I pay lots of attention to my trainers and flight advisers and always try to be studying.


Q.- Which thing it is the most difficult of studying aviation career?

A.- The hardest part of the race is flying by instruments, namely navigate and trust what the instruments tell you and not what your senses say.

Q.- If you could work on another airline from elsewhere in the world which would it be and where?

A.- If I could work on another airline I think it would be on Delta Airlines or Fly Emirates, for the variety of destinations around the world and would be in the United States or in Dubai.

  • Thank you for your time and for answering all my questions.
  • Thanks to you for interviewing me.

I admire Carlos because he always does his best on the plane, he is very responsible in his work and he won his place as one of the best pilots.



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