By Mariana Negrete – 8th grade student.

So as unbelievable as it seems, reading do has its disadvantages… and of course a lot of advantages. Reading might be one of my favorite things to do. I like every single aspect of it, but just as everything, it has its cons and pros.


1.- Reading not only is really fun, but you go to an alter reality you wished you lived in.

2.- It helps you with your grammar and your language skills.

3.- You can be stuck into that book for hours and not noticing it. (Of course if you really enjoy the book)

4.- It is cooler than going to parties and getting drunk. (because honestly.. .Who needs parties when you’ve got BOOKS?)

5.- You feel like part of the most amazing place in the world without even being there.

6.- You feel part of the most beautiful love story, the most intense action scene, or the most dangerous crime scene ever.

7.- Reading is just amazing and no one can argue against that…


1.- If your friends also read and they come one day see you with a book, they might also tell you the ending of the book. (I hate that from the bottom of my soul.)

2.- Reading is like a chain that I’ll explain:

  • You go to the library and find a book that looks really interesting and you buy it.
  • You get inside your room and you start reading that book.
  • You don’t sleep that night because you were reading that book.
  • You love that book so much and you are really enjoying it. (Except for the part that you go all zombie the next week at school.)
  • You start obsessing over that one character.
  • And you get to a point where you feel like that character might also be the (platonic) love of your life.
  • And suddenly… POW! The author decides ruin your life and the book ends with the one character dying..

And we repeat it all over again.

3.- You have to go all over the romantic dramas, and survive them also. (Because they hurt you too, believe it or not.)

4.- Last but not least… You can have three books you’ve absolutely loved and seven of them you haven’t already read because you keep re-reading those three cheesy tragedies you love.


Even though you might have some lifetime scars provoked by some books, reading will always be a thing, and is one of my favorite things to do. And is not only entertaining but it is really healthy, because you are doing nothing but learning new things, and I personally think that is the best part about it.


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