Motivational Speech by a student in 12th grade.

Slow down, they say, stop thinking that everything will be okay, and make things happen. That is what we already know. Today we are sure that we have Google and we know it all, that nothing is impossible, that every limit can be surpassed, that some things, as shown in Black Mirror, can be true. But as a human perspective, the world runs in a different way for everyone.

In elementary school, I saw a movie called The Invention of Hugo Cabret and I enjoyed it very much, because of one thing, it says that we are a gigantic clock. If you see, a clock is perfect, sometimes it stops working because of one little piece. The movie says that every human is one piece, and if one piece is missing, the clock will not function correctly, or in a different way. Everyone is important in his own way and sometimes that is hard to see because we live in the world of technology, where everyone knows what we do or the answer to everything. Sometimes we cannot control the things that life gifts us with. Maybe one situation comes and returns repeatedly because we need to overcome it.

Let me explain a few basic steps that can make your life easier, for example, one of my favorites is to live and let live. I learned it in a crucial time of my life when I was in 8th grade, my parents got separated, which affected me in a deep way. At that time I also lost my friends and a few months before that I learned that my parents had a serious problem; alcoholism. With all that I had experienced, the only thing I could do was to start loving myself and one another, and the tool I used for this was to live and let live. It sounds easy to practice, but the truth is that when you don’t live your life in a true perspective and you don’t give what you can’t handle to God, problems will become worse. In Alateen, a place where family members of alcoholics go to learn about the disease of alcoholism, I learned that when you have a problem the best thing that you can do is to follow the 3 main steps: to accept that you can’t deal with the problem, recognize that you are not alone, as the movie of Hugo Cabret says “everyone is special and there will always be that specific person that can help you” because probably that someone knows what you are facing, and the last one, to ask for help. All that sounded difficult to me and I faced my problems by beginning to love myself. Because the only thing that I have is myself and other people that loved me and helped me.


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